Holistic and Stress management therapies




Reiki is a gentle energy based healing.  Before you receive a treatment, Sally will discuss what what you are hoping for from the session.  You will then sit or lie while Sally channels reiki energy through her hands into you. It is painless, although some clients feel mild heat from Sally's hands.  No clothing needs to be removed. A treatment lasts about 50 minutes 

Indian Head massage

This ayurvedic therapy involves massage of the upper back ,shoulders, arms, head, neck and face. The massage can be done dry, but oil is an important part of the therapeutic process.  Aromatherapy oils can also be used if desired to add to the experience.  You will be seated during the process , and upper clothes will need to be removed if oil is being used. A modesty towel will be available.  You will be advised on how to remove oil from your hair, but the head massage can be done without oil, if desired. I treatment lasts about 35 - 40 minutes




Originally used by Buddhists, Mindfulness meditation  is now recognised as a valuable stress reduction technique. A 1-2-1 mindfulness session will consist of a mindfulness body scan meditation, and will also teach you techniques to use in daily life. A session will last 50 minutes..