I still find the internet an amazing miracle! And I am now harnessing that miracle to reach out and help people who cannot physically meet me. Luckily I am trained in  two disciplines that need people to be able to listen to me and see me.....but it is not necessary for me to be able to see them.  So I am doing regular Facebook live videos focussing on qigong and mindfulness....and who know where it will go in future. These session are that wonderful price of free and happen once a week. The videos are stored on the Krystal Wolf Holistic Qigong and Mindfulness  page, and on our You Tube channel  for those who are not free for the live broadcast.  But I have set up a patreon page so people who choose  to can support me if they wish.. Check out  https://www.patreon.com/user?u=6972001