Psychic and mediumship readings can be very empowering.  The information given is often focussed on general guidance about future life choices. but can also relate to specific events that may happen in the future such as job opportunities.  You may have a very specific question, or just want a general reading. Either is fine.  But please note  all readings are for entertainment purposes only  Questions about health, pregnancy, financial or legal issues cannot be answered. And if your question specifically relates to that we have to decline to answer. They are areas that need specific expertise that we do not have. 

 It is very common for a message to come through from a loved one in the spirit realm  during a reading even if that was not the purpose of the sitting. There is no guarantee that any specific person will come through with a message. 

We offer readings at events and holistic fayres but we can also come to you, and readings can be done by phone, skype or email. Readings can be done with cards, runestones, pendulum or 'hands free' and often use a combination of all! .Sally also does I Ching readings via email. You can slo find us at for phone and sms readings..You can also get readings with Sally at Look for Krystal pin number 8438