Ham and Eggs???

Qigong and mindfulness go together. In my sessions I use a combination to make the hour a peaceful break in your week.


Qigong is a form of tai chi aimed at promoting health and wellbeing. There is now evidence of the value of qigong in the management of chronic pain like Fibromyalgia, and is used in the NHS as part of falls promotion. Tai chi is also recommended as an exercise after heart attacks. It is suitable for all ages, all levels of fitness and can even be done sitting. And the benefits are now being appreciated by the medical profession!!!http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/60KjVf58FwF6mlZB9KK4DhL/could-tai-chi-offer-the-same-benefits-as-more-vigorous-exercise


You can find out about mindfulness on the therapies page...but  becasue mindfulness adds so much to the qigong classes Its  worth putting the two on the same page...becasue that is how they get used.