New developments

The on-line sessions are going well, and I am starting a new  qigong class today. Its in a sheltered living complex. I ran a trial session last week - and the manager contacted me earlier this week to confirm the regular saying that 10 people had expressed an interest in a class they they will have to pay for. It could be very very good. 

We are looking at doing another on-line session looking at spiritual development and meditation. We used to run a physical group but on-line offers us better options really.


Reiki training and what it can do

I had no idea what reiki was about and what it could do when I decided to go for training. Why I took that decision is a story in itself.......but that's for another time. I went, and my sceptical pharmacists brain just could not understand anything. It was wondering what on earth I was doing and frankly felt I had wasted the money and the time.  I was polite, and said what I hoped were the right things. At the end of the first session I dutifully complied with what my teacher wanted me to do . I felt I had to give it a chance but initially the self healing was simply a time to sit and do nothing (something at the time I really needed to do but didn't give enough priority to) After 3 weeks I went back, journal in hand for the second day of my level one training and the completion of the very weird 'attunement' that involved meditation , weird shapes being drawn in the air, and gentle touching  and even blowing on me. But to be fair on BOTH days during the ritual I was aware of 'something' couldn;t give it a name tho. And I was aware of lots of one colour. But still at the end of the two days, with certificate in hand I still wasn't sure what I had got myself into but part of me wanted to keep going and st least try to give reiki to other people as well as self healing. I asked for volunteers and the first session was not a success. I got another volunteer and this session was so different. the feedback from my friend was intense - and I knw he was not making it up. At times we experienced the same thing ...and I was not suggesting anything to him at all. It was life changing for both us. And suddenly I had to take it seriously. My scientific pharmacist head had to accept something really had happened. 

And that was the start of my holistic work, my psychic work, my husband's psychic development and the the seed that grew into this company.

Reiki can be powerful and ANYONE CAN DO IT.

If you want to learn something that can help improve your general wellbeing, that you can do any time  reiki is ideal. If you want to look at spiritual development, reiki is ideal. It helps physically, mentally and spiritually . You can take your training as far as you wish even to master level if that is what you want. or you can stay at level one. Its your choice, your reiki journey, and you will take it to the right place for you.