New developments

The on-line sessions are going well, and I am starting a new  qigong class today. Its in a sheltered living complex. I ran a trial session last week - and the manager contacted me earlier this week to confirm the regular saying that 10 people had expressed an interest in a class they they will have to pay for. It could be very very good. 

We are looking at doing another on-line session looking at spiritual development and meditation. We used to run a physical group but on-line offers us better options really.


My work with Cerebral palsy

I have been very blessed for the past 18 months to have the chance to work with clients at a local cerebral centre. These clients were no way in what I thought of as my core clientele for qigong.  I was expecting to be teaching mature people, maybe with some age related issues like arthritis. My clients at the center range in age from 20's to 60's, some have normal mobility, some have almost none. Some have normal cognition , some labe learning and development issues.  Some can t alk normally and some have only minimal vocalisation.

But there are 2 things they can all do. Breathe, and imagine. And in the classes we focus on those 2 things. I  I emphasise focus on breathing in and out use lots of visualisations with the moves -some of which I have adopted in my  other classes becasue they are so powerful, And I include more mindfulness meditation than with other groups.

The idea of the breathing  and the visualisations is to help them direct their qi even if they do not understand the concept of qi. And in essence that is what qigong is about for everyone. It is 'energy work'  I love working with any qigong class...but this one is special