New year New start

After my enforced longer than expected break for Christmas, I am actually raring to go. But there are some changes in the raring’

I reluctantly decided I needed to cancel my Wythall class And as soon as I cancelled it, I was able to put something else into its place.. I have been invited back to a sheltered living complex where I did a short taster before Xmas.

My Wednesdays now look very different because my Wednesday morning class at Bromsgrove has now moved to Thursday mornings for operational reasons at the venue.

I still have my volunteer session at the Shaw Trus on Wednesday’s t but I now have an opportunity to do sessions at an elderly care centre which fit in perfectly both for time and location with my trip to the Shaw Trust.

My sessions with the wonderful people at Cerebral palsy Midlands are continuing of course. And in between when I am not doing anything else I am now signed up for psychic work on a very new website.

new start, new opportunities, new energy. Happy New Year