Community Harmony Scarf

I have a zany friend called Clare who I have had the pleasure of training alongside over the years. She is a leading light in the Oadby Free Spirit Foundation …an organisation that supports mental health and well being in young people in a variety of ways. She came up with a mad idea of a community harmony scarf. .

Whats s mad about a scarf? Well its knitted from ribbons….ribbons chosen by individuals to represent something about them or their community. The choosing can of course be a chance to reflect, can be mindful. Adding a ribbon is a reminder of connection with the community….and the importance of community and connections for mental well being is well known. But the mad thing is the aim is to make a scarf long enough to encircle the world…..but initially at least the King power Stadium in Leicester. LCFC helped her measure round the stadium…they didn’t know the perimeter measurement. So far the scarf is 23 metres long…….and only 707 metres short of the initial target.

I have decided to start a Birmingham section… watch this space for stories and pictured as it grows…and if you would like to add a ribbon …email