Work with the disabled

I am so pleased that we are being given another opportunity to work with a disabled group. As a direct result of what I do at Cerebral Palsy Midlands I have bene invited to go down to Bristol to do a taster session with another group of people with CP. 

CP is a disease that can affect people in a variety of ways both muscular and cognitive. If you paid attention to the classifications of para sport this becomes obvious . CP athletes have issues with one or both legs or arms. Some are wheelchair bound . The most serous  have almost no movement capacity at all. 

But they can and do compete in many sports. Lewis Hamiltons brother Nicholas has CP and drives a specially adapted car in TOCA. and other saloon car racing. But he doesn't have the speed  of reflexes other drivers have. 

What can qigong bring to the disabled? It can enable them to keep the muscles they do have working better. It can improve core strength, it can improve balance. But above all it can enable them to relax. It is a real privilege to work with this wonderful group. In a wile I will be heading out to do a class with wheel chair bound sufferers who have very limited arm and head movement and very poor vocalisation. But they can (and do!) smile very broadly at the end of the class.

I fell so lucky to have to chance to work with a new group of peope