Pain management workshop

I am in the early stages of planning a workshop aimed at people with chronic pain to discuss the various medical and  non medical approaches to dealing with pain. 

It won't JUST be me..I intend to recruit other therapists with different expertise and different therapies. 

Pain is such a subjective thing.....and is very susceptible to the placebo effect. The simple act of taking  a placebo tablet can make you feel better....even when you know its just a placebo!! Which sounds bonkers  But it  makes sense when you remember pain is mediated through the brain.  

Pain can be dealt with by curing the problem causing the pain, or by turning down the signals being sent to the brain. 

While curing the problem may  be beyond holistic therapies,..interrupting the signal is something very many therapies can do. If all goes to lan all those therapies will be represented .

Watch this space