Stress management for kids.

' School days are the best days of your life' is a phrase I often heard when I was growing up. I am not sure it was true then...and I can imagine many of the younger generation would  disagree  School life is full of stress with SATS  and homework. Bullying was an issue in ym day and is probably an even bigger problem now  with the added issue of cyber bullying. peer pressure and social media also come into the mix....then there is all the technology meaning some kids never get any down time and find it tough to switch off.

Schooldays can be very unhappy for some. On Tuesday 10th April I will be running a half day workshop called 'be your own superhero' aimed at young people from 10-16 to teach them  helpful skills.

The workshop will run at Solihull Wellbeing clinic Highfield Road Hall Green and cost 25.00 (2.50 discount for a second child in the family)

Rog -7910204369 to book a place for your child or to get more information