New Year Resolutions

Its Boxing Day and this morning I did something I haven’t for far too long. Went out for a walk to the local park that is 5 minutes walk from my front door. I used to do this regularly. At one time I was even jogging to train for the Race for Life. I felt so blessed to have such a beautiful area to walk in when I live live about 5 miles from the centre of Britains second city ( Birmingham ).

I found myself resolving to get back into the habit of using the park. But why Boxing day? New Years day is the traditional to act on resolutions. Because if you are really going to do something you won’t put it off. There is no magical effect on January 1st that makes it easier to act on your plans .

Think back to this time last year? Did you (like me) think ‘I know this would be good for me to do regularly’ about something like waking, swimming, changing your diet etc? If you did…..did you carry it through? Or are you making the same decisions THIS year?

Being blunt a New Year Resolution is simply a way to put off doing something without admitting you don’t really want to do it. And why do we find it so hard to want to do things we know are good for us? Because these decisions are seen as depriving us of something we really want.. It’s no wonder the majority of resolutions don’t last beyond January.

If you are reading this thinking…i recognise myself in this….I have an idea fr you. Starting right here right now, I want you to resolve to start loving yourself more. It will take time and practice (I have some useful techniques if you want to contact me!) But stick at it and you will discover when you love yourself its easier to make healthier decisions about what you eat , drink, do and think…..not just in January but every day..

Its really the only resolution you need….and it doesn’t have to wait until January 1st….

Happy New Year.