Psychic Fayre

We do psychic and holistic fairs. Normally we do them together, but today I flew solo . Tony normally does readings and I offer therapy tasters. But today I offered - and did- both! 

If you ever come to visit us at a psychic fair we normally offer mini readings (5 cards) In depth readings (start with 10 cards and see we where we end up!) an 20 minute therapy tasters. Sometimes I aso offer bespoke aromatherapy products.. Its not practical to use any sort of oil for the massages I do at the fairs.

I normally feel that people don't get the full experience of what reiki is like in the middle of a busy hall. But the two people who had tasters today clearly became very relaxed, and almost drifted off to sleep. I am always pleased when people respond well to reiki. 

Reiki was my first and still my favourite therapy.