Can a psychic reading really tell me my future?

No.....we are readers not fortune tellers! Don't expect us to give you the lottery numbers! But we may tell you that an opportunity will be coming way at some point in the future. Anthony once did a reading for a young girl and told her she would be get a new job opportunity and stated the month when he felt it would happen. Some months later when we back at the same venue another lady came for a reading, and told my husband she was the mother of the young girl, and it had paned out exactly as predicted. She was eager for her own reading.

So what might a reading tell you? It might focus on an issue causing you problems , with guidance on how to manage. It might give advice on how to improve your relationships,. It might be aimed at motivating you to make changes.....we have no control over what message the cards will give you. But if you need a message it will come through. Many years ago when I was just at the stage of playing with my cards I did a reading for a girl I worked with. one of the cards was 'miracle healing' Immediately the girl said I know what that is....and proceeded to tell me something I knew was not accurate. It just didn't feel. It was moths later that she owned up to what was really going on. She and her husband had a secret they had shared with no-one. Their son had a serious heart defect - not one but two holes in his heart. A few days after I did the reading they were due to go for his regular appointment and they were worried. When they got there, he had a scan and even the doctors were calling it a miracle..BOTH holes had closed.  That card gave her the hope she needed- and it was so true.

We don't pretend we will always get it spot on - we can't, . Sometimes we know the person having the reading is blocking - and then we don't have a chance. But if you have an open mind, a reading can help you find out what you need to know.. What you chose to do with that information is up to you.. Your future is under your control - you can ignore the opportunites- but thats your choice.