The times they are a changing

By co-incidence a number of things have happened at the same time to change things for us. The old website crashed,  and I went for some mentoring (yes coaches  also need coaching) And in designing this new website, I have been able to build some of the ideas from the mentoring into it. Then suddenly new opportunities  have also started coming along. 

This change also showed up in one of my main activities....tai chi qigong classes I run at a local centre for people with cerebral palsy. I have always hard a core of 8 or so clients who really enjoyed the qigong classes. In fact some enjoyed it so much that when they could not get to the regular class, asked if I could run a second class.. But there were some people who just never showed interest. This lady - we will call her Jenny  was one like that. She was obviously a single minded woman despite being in a wheelchair. But she showed no interest in the class at all. Last Thursday, for the first time she came to take a look, sort of joined in, but left about halfway through. Today she joined in. Afterwards she asked to speak to me and asked for some re-assurance that her breathing problems  would not be an issue. I was able to re-assure her - and she declared. Thats good. I will see you next she clearly means to come to both classes! I felt as if I had passed some sort of  milestone - and the events organiser at the centre agreed with me. 

I love qigong.....and no doubt it will be mentioned MORE than once in this blog