My morning qigong

My morning  Tai chi qigong is an important part of my day. I teach two different sets. shibashi (18 moves) and a 6 step routine.  I used to do the 6 step routine but  recently I have opted to do the shibashi set. Why? Because qigong is form of mindfulness meditation for me - and I know that mindfulness increases productivity.  Plus most days I do not have the excuse of a tight schedule that means the 6 step is more practical.

Why is it a morning ritual? Well I often get up a bit stiff and the gentle movements loosen me up - which on a physical level is exactly what qigong is meant to do. But also I have turned the qigong into a ritual incorporating reiki , mindfulness and positive affirmations that give some impetus to my day. Starting the day feeling positive may not guarantee a good day - but it's better than starting it feeling negative!

An important part of my morning 'ritual' is being outside ideally  on the lawn in bare feet. On the patio or a yoga mat is sometimes necessary. This increases my sense of connection with nature - an important part of the Taoist philosophy that underpins tai chi. 

I am writing this post immediately after a qigong session, in the sunshine in bare feet on the lawn  (the grass was a bit damp but who cares) and I am feeling really good. And thats why I do it. Its good to do things that make you feel good.