An interesting experience

I ran my normal Wednesday morning class today but it was a bit different. I had a new person in the class....a young man with autism. He asked is there was a lot of standing  still required - which of course is a major part of the standard forms. . But I always tell people to do what feels right. So I did.  he stood initially and joined in, then he sat and watched, at one point he walked across the room (I had told him if he needed to walk that was ok) At the end of the class I asked him and his companion (who hd arranged the class with me) if they had enjoyed it. She had. he said he was a tough nut to crack!  As I drove home  found myself wondering if I could adapt the forms to be done while walking.

Qigong is for everyone...but different people take different things from it and may need the class delivered in a different way. But qigong is as adaptable as the people who do it!