Making good use of tecnology

I have been a scientist most of my working life. Pharmacy is a very scientific profession.  I like technology and I am happy to use it when it helps. Technology has revolutionised communication.  I can send tracks across the internet, talk online in real time, even if I am not at home with no access to a computer. 

Technology also means face to face consultations for therapy or readings can happen even when (as today) one person is in Birmingham and the other is hundreds of miles away. While the skype platform may not be the best piece of software ever designed. when it works it works well. So in the space of 90 minute this morning I did a  face to face consultation, recorded a mindfulness  track and sent it to my client via drop box. 

It was a different experience for me.- and I much refer to be in the same room as my clients. But this technology means my skills can be available to people without any travelling....and thats good for me, my clients and the environment!