Getting ready for winter

Samhain/Hallowe'en is actually the druidic/ pagan new year. It marks the end of the harvest...and the earth is now too cold to grow everything focussed on preparations to get through the winter.. So a little late Happy New Year!!! That said now is a good time to make resolutions about your own health....since in winter we are more vulnerable. 

So what can you do? Well it sounds very boring but get back to basics of making sure you are eating healthily and getting exercise. Healthy eating is easy in winter,....soups and stews can be made really healthy with the addition of some herbs and spices that also add to the flavour.  

Exercise....well if  that word makes you shudder...make a gentle start....and try tai chi !! (Well I would say that wouldn't I)

But above all in winter listen to your body. Don;t push it. There could be a very good reason you feel like hibernating!!