Reiki and depression

Reiki was my first and still my favourite therapy. I learned it while I was still learning how to manage depression without being on medication. I found it a useful addition to my techniques . And when I learned to teach it I found myself thinking ' The whole world needs to be attuned to reiki level 1' I found reiki wonderful The self healing was wonderfully mindful and almost like a meditation. The principles also provide a wonderful way to approach life....and I found it really helped me keep my 'black dog' controlled.  The management of mental health problems is a huge focus for what I do....and I know the techniques tat helped me could help other people.

Reiki is taught at 3 levels. Level 1 is for self healing and great for personal and spiritual development. Level 2 is necessary to work as a practitioner and level 3 to be a teacher.  Levels 2 and 3 are not suitable for everyone....and not everyone will want to take it to that level. But ANYONE can learn and use reiki level 1.

But it does take time....and money and I recognise that it isn't easy for everyone to find that all in one go. And that has frustrated me.  But my distance video based course is now going live....I have my first pupil.  So if this is something you would like to me or pm me.