New year New start

After my enforced longer than expected break for Christmas, I am actually raring to go. But there are some changes in the raring’

I reluctantly decided I needed to cancel my Wythall class And as soon as I cancelled it, I was able to put something else into its place.. I have been invited back to a sheltered living complex where I did a short taster before Xmas.

My Wednesdays now look very different because my Wednesday morning class at Bromsgrove has now moved to Thursday mornings for operational reasons at the venue.

I still have my volunteer session at the Shaw Trus on Wednesday’s t but I now have an opportunity to do sessions at an elderly care centre which fit in perfectly both for time and location with my trip to the Shaw Trust.

My sessions with the wonderful people at Cerebral palsy Midlands are continuing of course. And in between when I am not doing anything else I am now signed up for psychic work on a very new website.

new start, new opportunities, new energy. Happy New Year

New Year Resolutions

Its Boxing Day and this morning I did something I haven’t for far too long. Went out for a walk to the local park that is 5 minutes walk from my front door. I used to do this regularly. At one time I was even jogging to train for the Race for Life. I felt so blessed to have such a beautiful area to walk in when I live live about 5 miles from the centre of Britains second city ( Birmingham ).

I found myself resolving to get back into the habit of using the park. But why Boxing day? New Years day is the traditional to act on resolutions. Because if you are really going to do something you won’t put it off. There is no magical effect on January 1st that makes it easier to act on your plans .

Think back to this time last year? Did you (like me) think ‘I know this would be good for me to do regularly’ about something like waking, swimming, changing your diet etc? If you did…..did you carry it through? Or are you making the same decisions THIS year?

Being blunt a New Year Resolution is simply a way to put off doing something without admitting you don’t really want to do it. And why do we find it so hard to want to do things we know are good for us? Because these decisions are seen as depriving us of something we really want.. It’s no wonder the majority of resolutions don’t last beyond January.

If you are reading this thinking…i recognise myself in this….I have an idea fr you. Starting right here right now, I want you to resolve to start loving yourself more. It will take time and practice (I have some useful techniques if you want to contact me!) But stick at it and you will discover when you love yourself its easier to make healthier decisions about what you eat , drink, do and think…..not just in January but every day..

Its really the only resolution you need….and it doesn’t have to wait until January 1st….

Happy New Year.

Community Harmony Scarf

I have a zany friend called Clare who I have had the pleasure of training alongside over the years. She is a leading light in the Oadby Free Spirit Foundation …an organisation that supports mental health and well being in young people in a variety of ways. She came up with a mad idea of a community harmony scarf. .

Whats s mad about a scarf? Well its knitted from ribbons….ribbons chosen by individuals to represent something about them or their community. The choosing can of course be a chance to reflect, can be mindful. Adding a ribbon is a reminder of connection with the community….and the importance of community and connections for mental well being is well known. But the mad thing is the aim is to make a scarf long enough to encircle the world…..but initially at least the King power Stadium in Leicester. LCFC helped her measure round the stadium…they didn’t know the perimeter measurement. So far the scarf is 23 metres long…….and only 707 metres short of the initial target.

I have decided to start a Birmingham section… watch this space for stories and pictured as it grows…and if you would like to add a ribbon …email

Work with the disabled

I am so pleased that we are being given another opportunity to work with a disabled group. As a direct result of what I do at Cerebral Palsy Midlands I have bene invited to go down to Bristol to do a taster session with another group of people with CP. 

CP is a disease that can affect people in a variety of ways both muscular and cognitive. If you paid attention to the classifications of para sport this becomes obvious . CP athletes have issues with one or both legs or arms. Some are wheelchair bound . The most serous  have almost no movement capacity at all. 

But they can and do compete in many sports. Lewis Hamiltons brother Nicholas has CP and drives a specially adapted car in TOCA. and other saloon car racing. But he doesn't have the speed  of reflexes other drivers have. 

What can qigong bring to the disabled? It can enable them to keep the muscles they do have working better. It can improve core strength, it can improve balance. But above all it can enable them to relax. It is a real privilege to work with this wonderful group. In a wile I will be heading out to do a class with wheel chair bound sufferers who have very limited arm and head movement and very poor vocalisation. But they can (and do!) smile very broadly at the end of the class.

I fell so lucky to have to chance to work with a new group of peope

Pain management workshop

I am in the early stages of planning a workshop aimed at people with chronic pain to discuss the various medical and  non medical approaches to dealing with pain. 

It won't JUST be me..I intend to recruit other therapists with different expertise and different therapies. 

Pain is such a subjective thing.....and is very susceptible to the placebo effect. The simple act of taking  a placebo tablet can make you feel better....even when you know its just a placebo!! Which sounds bonkers  But it  makes sense when you remember pain is mediated through the brain.  

Pain can be dealt with by curing the problem causing the pain, or by turning down the signals being sent to the brain. 

While curing the problem may  be beyond holistic therapies,..interrupting the signal is something very many therapies can do. If all goes to lan all those therapies will be represented .

Watch this space

Sunday 3rd June 2018

On Sunday June 3rd I will be offering reiki treatments  at Studely Village Hall . PM me or text me on 07910204369, or email me to pre-book your treatment. Or just turn up between 11 and 4 .  This event is organised by   Tranquil Angel Events and I am always pleased to be at their events.  The fair will have holistic therapies, psychic readers and craft stalls. and entrance is FREE. As well as reiki, I will be happy to talk about any of my therapies or classes, take bookings for therapies, psychic parties, or readings.  We will not be showcasing our psychic services (memo to self next time book in quicker!) I will also be very happy to talk about qigong and mindfulness and how it can help YOU. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

General data protection

You may be aware that new regulations come fir data storage on May 25th.. This is just to clarify how I handle your personal date. If you attend one of my classes, i do not collect any personal data. 

If you attend ctherapy sessions with me then I will have collected some personal, private information about your health and recorded details of the treatments that you have had.

This confidential information is kept in safe, secure storage and no one had access to it other than me. 

I do not discuss you or your treatment with anyone nor do I allow anyone access to your notes,  I may with your consent disclose agreed information with another therapist or doctor. No-one else has a legal right to see any of your data unless either your or another persons safety is at risk.

I only use the information that you provide for the ongoing treatment or treatments that you receive. I am required by my insurance provider to keep all consultation forms for a minimum of 7 years or longer where possible.

The information that I hold is in paper format, hand written notes, and you are welcome to look at what I hold about you. You can do this during your next clinic appointment or by making arrangements to visit me at my clinic in Hinckley. If you wish to book an appointment to look at your consultation record then please reply to this email or contact me by text or telephone.

Dates for your diary...A new class and events where you can find us

On May 8th I have a new qigong class starting at Wythall Village Hall. The class will run weekly at 1.00pm and will cost 8.00


And we are out and about.....

On Saturday April 28th I will be at The Wishing  Well Bromsgrove to celebrate World Tai Chi Day. This free talk and demonstration starts at 11.00 am

I will be offering Indian head massage on April  29th with Tranquil Angels at Coleshill Town Hall from 11.1m

 You can meet us with Ultimate girls on May 2n at Maxstoke Park Golf Club starting at 2.00pm

And on Sunday 6th May we will back at Cofton Hackett Village Hall with Mystic Therapies



Stress management for kids.

' School days are the best days of your life' is a phrase I often heard when I was growing up. I am not sure it was true then...and I can imagine many of the younger generation would  disagree  School life is full of stress with SATS  and homework. Bullying was an issue in ym day and is probably an even bigger problem now  with the added issue of cyber bullying. peer pressure and social media also come into the mix....then there is all the technology meaning some kids never get any down time and find it tough to switch off.

Schooldays can be very unhappy for some. On Tuesday 10th April I will be running a half day workshop called 'be your own superhero' aimed at young people from 10-16 to teach them  helpful skills.

The workshop will run at Solihull Wellbeing clinic Highfield Road Hall Green and cost 25.00 (2.50 discount for a second child in the family)

Rog -7910204369 to book a place for your child or to get more information


We have 2 new developments.

First of all I am starting a new tai chi class at Solihull Wellbeing Clinic Highfield Road Hall Green B28 0EL The class will run 11 am on Thursdays  starting on March 22nd. the cost will be 8.00 per person. No need to book just turn up wearing loose clothes and prepared to work in socks or bare feet. 


Second I am going to be offering reiki ,crystal healing, mindfulness and hypnotherapy at Fab the Salon 170 High Street DY5 2AB. Staring on April 1st I will be there on  the first Sunday of each month from 11 until 3. As an introductory offer a hypnotherapy appointment will be 60.00, and other sessions will be 35.00.

Ring me on 07910204369 or email to book your appointment or get more infomration about wither of these new ventures


Date for your diary and new servces

Happy New Year! the first date for your diary is Saturday 27th January when I will be offering tasters at  at their taster day....2 treatments for 15.00. You can book and pay in advance via their website. I will be offering reiki, indian head massage and tai chi sessions

I also wanted to remind more distant followers that I run an on-line reiki course , and do on-line taichi qigong/mindfulness sessions every week via Facebook. Check out

You don't have to be able to physically get to us to benefit from our service :-)


New Year resolutions

I am not a big fan of New Year resolutions. If you want to make a is irrelevant what the date is. However there is a strong psychological boost to motivation on January 1st. And spiritually there are very good reasons why it is easier to let go of the past and move on to the new at this time of year.. We are connected to the earth's energy - and at this time of year the earth is getting ready to produce new growth....which is why it makes sense to 'grow' ourselves.

And whatever change you want to make , it is part of growing yourself. But if your mind is full of things like diet, exercise, smoking and is not a good idea to make too many changes  all at once.  However if at heart you know you need to make LOTS of changes....make ONE love yourself....becasue when you love ylurself you terat yourself well....and everything else follows naturally from that.


Happy new year :-)



The sound of silence

I have been thinking about silence .Of course true silence is rare. I am the only one awake in my house s I type this. I haven't turned on the radio or TV so the house is silent...but there are sounds. The clock ticking, the cats moving around. And just now when I was outside doing my qigong there was more than normal normal traffic....and it was noisier than normal as well. 

Silence is often associated with words like peace, calm, tranquility. But silence can be frightening. - Imagine if you woke up suddenly deaf...!. Maybe its the fear of silence people think you need in meditation that puts some people off.  If there is no external sound....your thoughts take priority and that may lead you somewhere you don't  wish to go.

I think the true value of being silent, is that it means you can listen. (Is it coincidence those two words are anagrams?) Because there is always something even if it is only a clock or a cat or the sound of your breath.. And in the 'silence' you can choose to give  sounds any meaning. The loud traffic sounds could be a nuisance. .....or something I just  let pass as of no interest. Or it could be a reminder that while I had the pleasure of standing in my garden..others were on the way to work.

For me I treasure the silence I get in the morning.  I chose not to have any background 'company' But then I am happy with my own company. For some, that silence is a reminder they are alone, and they need the company....or maybe the sounds distract them from thoughts they don't want to be thinking....

Physical silence is one thing. Mental silence quite another...and mental silence is impossible. Thats why mantras are a meditation give your 'monkey mind' a helpful focus. instead of racing from one thought to another. 

But that monkey mind is driven by our subconscious....and it is trying to protect us.Physical silence makes it easier to listen to and understand the message it is trying to give us.




Christmas events

You can find us at a few events between now and Christmas. On Wednesday 29th we are at the West Warwickshire sports centre with Ultimate Girls Night out....then on Wednesday we are Pype Hayes Golf Club also with Ultimate girls. Both events run from 7pm. Saturday 9th December we will be at Wolverhampton Arts Center  from 10 am.  

On 16th December I will be one of several therapists offering tasters at The Wishing Well Bromsgrove's Christmas Fair.

You can pre-book therapies or readings by emailing or ring 07910204369.

Getting ready for winter

Samhain/Hallowe'en is actually the druidic/ pagan new year. It marks the end of the harvest...and the earth is now too cold to grow everything focussed on preparations to get through the winter.. So a little late Happy New Year!!! That said now is a good time to make resolutions about your own health....since in winter we are more vulnerable. 

So what can you do? Well it sounds very boring but get back to basics of making sure you are eating healthily and getting exercise. Healthy eating is easy in winter,....soups and stews can be made really healthy with the addition of some herbs and spices that also add to the flavour.  

Exercise....well if  that word makes you shudder...make a gentle start....and try tai chi !! (Well I would say that wouldn't I)

But above all in winter listen to your body. Don;t push it. There could be a very good reason you feel like hibernating!!

Reiki and depression

Reiki was my first and still my favourite therapy. I learned it while I was still learning how to manage depression without being on medication. I found it a useful addition to my techniques . And when I learned to teach it I found myself thinking ' The whole world needs to be attuned to reiki level 1' I found reiki wonderful The self healing was wonderfully mindful and almost like a meditation. The principles also provide a wonderful way to approach life....and I found it really helped me keep my 'black dog' controlled.  The management of mental health problems is a huge focus for what I do....and I know the techniques tat helped me could help other people.

Reiki is taught at 3 levels. Level 1 is for self healing and great for personal and spiritual development. Level 2 is necessary to work as a practitioner and level 3 to be a teacher.  Levels 2 and 3 are not suitable for everyone....and not everyone will want to take it to that level. But ANYONE can learn and use reiki level 1.

But it does take time....and money and I recognise that it isn't easy for everyone to find that all in one go. And that has frustrated me.  But my distance video based course is now going live....I have my first pupil.  So if this is something you would like to me or pm me.

Holiday and sfter

We are off on holiday tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it. When we come back in a week look for new things to happen. We will be doing more with videos both on facebook and off it. So do tell us what sort of things yu would like to see covered. Meditation, readings, spiritual development, qigong, mindfulness,,,,,, all can be done by video. I can even so reiki training.for personal development. 

These are YOUR videos to help aet your own agenda :-)

New developments

The on-line sessions are going well, and I am starting a new  qigong class today. Its in a sheltered living complex. I ran a trial session last week - and the manager contacted me earlier this week to confirm the regular saying that 10 people had expressed an interest in a class they they will have to pay for. It could be very very good. 

We are looking at doing another on-line session looking at spiritual development and meditation. We used to run a physical group but on-line offers us better options really.