That D'oh moment you realise something you missed something obvious!

This blog has been about my personal journey with both qigong and mindfulness but it has been rather qigong biased. That’s not the d’oh moment though. The ‘D’oh why did I not see that before’ is that this blog has focused on my own personal practice…while ignoring the fact that my journey also includes my experiences when delivering face-to face sessions. That is going to change!

I have spent this week doing some very intensive mindfulness training and I have ideas buzzing round in my head for how I will use the new knowledge, where it might take me, One idea has been how to improve my delivery of qigong integrating the attitudes of mindfulness. One place where I can do that is in my live videos and I now suddenly have a whole scheme in mind for the next few weeks.

So I will be blogging after each live session on my experience of teaching and delivering in the new way. Hopefully that will also help you on YOUR journey.