Attitudes of mindfulness

I have started a new short series in my live videos where I am suggesting how to apply each of the attitudes of mindfulness to qigong practice. So far I have done two….acceptance and beginner’s mind. Acceptance can mean accepting your body and breath don’t allow you to make the moves in a perfect way (you and everyone else by the way…NO-ONE is perfect at qigong!) It can mean accepting that today you are not ‘being’ the moves but you are ‘doing’ them in a mechanical way. It can mean accepting you are giving minimum time and attention on one day…but at least you are still giving SOME time and attention.

Beginner’s mind is fascinating. I remember all the qigong moves because I have practiced them time and time again. I have muscle memory that reminds me how I should be moving and what move comes next….it flows. BUT that means its easy to allow to my mind to wander. It’s ALWAYS easy for minds to wander during any mindfulness technique. Today in my personal practice I really tired to bring that beginner’s mind to what I was experiencing…..and I suddenly noticed my hands were tingling in a way I had never noticed before.

Every time I lead a face to face session or do a video session….I learn something that improves MY practice.