160 breaths

160 breaths? What is she on about! OK I will explain. The shibashi set consists of 18 moves, plus the time of preparation and grounding at the start, and the standing zen at the end. Thats 20 steps in total. The advice is that you should do 6 —8 repetitions of each move As each move coordinated with the breath that means 6-8 breaths for each move. You need to spend about the same time on the preparation phase and standing zen.. So 20 x 6 = 120. 20 x 8 =…..yes you got there didn’t you.

Now try something. Time yourself taking 8 slow gentle mindful breaths……..I just did…..53 second…..lets call it a minute.

So those 160 breaths will take you about 20 minutes. Now tell me again how you don’t have time to do something that will help your body and your mind??

Anyone who leads or attends qigong sessions can be blinkered by the fact that the sessions are an hour long. In fact some of the time is taken up in demonstrating/ explaining moves in greater depth, and the chances are in a session you will do a lot more that 8 repetitions ..because that 6-8 is daily practice. Once a week ats good to do more in depth stuff to make sure your practice improves. Thats why us session leaders have to do regular CPD to make sure we are keeping up to standard, and improving our knowledge so OUR daily practice improves.

An hour a day IS a lot to commit…..but 20 minutes?? We can ALL manage that…..