A journey of self discovery

Although I mainly talk about qigong……this blog is also about mindfulness…and mindfulness can lead to a lot learning about yourself. Learning about the thought patterns that can cause anxiety/depression. Learning how to stop those thoughts , then counter them by getting a more positive perspective. Learning that you CAN change your thoughts…but you are what you think….surely? Who are you if you start to have different thoughts?

Also . mindfulness is about observing your thoughts….well who is thinking and who is observing?

I have been on a long trip down memory lane recently…a trip that I was uncomfortable about, And I realised I didn’t really like who I was when I was growing up . I am sure I was not as bad as I remember. But the inevitable thought was that how could I be so different now? Am I really different ? 50 years on I know experience has made me very different….but I still found myself wondering why I was so different then? And I realised when I was growing up I was so busy trying to be a better version of my elder sister that I lost sight of the need to be the best possible version of me.