Coping with an arthriticy hip

About 5 weeks ago I got a sudden pain in my left hip which over the next few days continued to plague me at times. I knew several things. Keeping moving was key…as was making sure I was moving in the best way. So I self referred to physiotherapy . It was suggested it was osteoarthritis of the hip and she suggested some exercises. Yesterday I ‘popped’ up to HInckley to do a rehab class with my qigong trainer where she was very . much focussed on my body alignment and helping me stand correctly .

After a very tiring day yesterday I was concerned how I would feel today. Happily I am not too bad…I’ve managed my physio exercises OK. And I have done qigong very . much focussed on my body alignment starting with my feet…because thats where it ALL starts!

Using qigong to help keep myself mobile is one thing I am going to be doing. The other thing I am going to be doing is giving MUCH more focus to posture issues not only during qigong but all day whether I am sitting moving or standing.

Osteoarthritis of the hip can lead to increasing doses of pain relievers, with all the attendant side effects, decreased mobility, with all those risks, and in the end a hip replacement. I am determined to use my qigong to prevent that…and I believe that I can. Watch this space