Qigong in the sunshine

For the first time in some time I have been outside to do my shibashi set. There is nothing quite like qigong in the fresh air especially from a mindfulness perspective. Because there is so much to be mindful of if breath and body are not top of your agenda. The sun on my face. the breeze blowing round me, bird song, cats playing, the feel of the decking (alas not grass unless I decide to scare the neighbours and go into the front garden!) beneath my feet. And I manage to plant some herbs I will be able to add smells to the list.

Being outside in the fresh air is good for so many reasons. It is very good for mental well being especially if there are plants in the area, If it sunny it helps keep your vitamin D levels up. The sunlight also helps stimulate production of chemicals in your brain to help you feel good (just as UV lamps help with SAD)

Also outside you can be away from screens (your phone has a off button!) and the visual reminders of work that needs doing round the house.. OK so you may see some weeding that needs doing…but when you touch greenery you release essential oils that be hugely beneficial even if you cannot actually smell them..

So even if standing outside waving your arms about isn’t your thing….try to get out in the sunshine even if its cold. Have a great bank holiday. Namaste