Mental Health Awareness week

Mindfulness and qigong are a HUGE part of my own mental health routine. Having suffered with depression I know how important it is to be aware of thoughts that indicate my personal black dog is slipping off the leash. Over the past 11 years (I came off antidepressants on 1/1/2008) I have had times when I started to slip back. The difference is I now know how to cope without medication.

Being down, stressed, and anxious, are normal responses to events in life.. Suppressing those feelings can do more harm than good. One of my personal coping mechanisms is to withdraw while I ;process what I am feeling and why. This may seem counterintuitive …….all the advice is its good to talk. And we know that a tendency to ruminate on things is a strong indicator of your risk of mental health issues. But I am NOT ruminating…..just reflecting and I don’t always need or want input from anyone else.

Romans used to have gadens dedicated to Saturn (the God of depression) where people could go when they were depressed to experience the depression fully….as part of the process of getting through it.. When I find myself reluctant to be too sociable I recognise this as a sign I need to withdraw even thoi I don’t have a Saturn garden!

One of the most important things mindfulness can . help with is learning about how . YOUR mind works and how you can keep yourself mentally as healthy as possible. Its your mind…you are the expert on how you can keep it healthy. Mindfulness can be a huge help in learning what works for you.