Qigong with a hip problem

I have a painful hip. I have no idea why, but it makes any weight bearing uncomfortable….and sometimes definitely painful! But I know the key to joint pain is to keep moving…’Motion is the best lotion’ So although I took the option to demonstrate seated adaptations of qigong movements in my weekly video…I know I still need to do personal practice standing up as much as possible. Being honest for 24 hours I didn’t do any…I felt I needed to rest the hip a bit. But yesterday I got moving again. I did 30 minutes wii fit step aerobics……..very slowly and with lots of ouches.

Today I have just done some gardening and done a full standing shibashi set in the garden. Mindfully moving my body pinpointed a few things…I needed to reduce the step width in dragon stance. And I had some ouchy moments with any turning from the waist…..which means I am NOT turning from the waist…..<sigh>

But I did the full set and although my hip knows I’ve done it….I feel good. I have no idea where this hip issue is going….but I do know I can do things that hopefully mean it never becomes so bad I need medical intervention. Watch this space!