Just this breath...just this moment

Ignoring the undoubted physical benefits of qigong, which I don’t, the sessions I run are very much focussed on the mindful aspects. Co-ordinating breath and body means you need to be aware of the breath and which phase of the breath you are in. That is the core of mindfulness and I often use the words ‘just this breath coming in… just this breath going out’ during the mindfulness meditations .

I am a fan of all things sci fi but there is a special place in my heart for a certain alien who travels in a blue police box. Dr Who was the first sci fi I remember. One of its big attractions was not just the idea of space travel but also travelling backwards and forwards in time. And you may often hear people say (or indeed say yourself) ‘I wish I could travel back in time …I would do things differently’ Or ‘I wish I could travel forward in time and see how …….works out’

The irony is that we spend a lot of time in our minds travelling back …reliving a past event . We also spend a LOT of time travelling FORWARDS…wondering (worrying) how events will pan out. And our minds never stop.

This is when two important ideas from ancient philosophies combine into a powerful practice. The taoist idea of the power of the stillness, and the buddhist idea of the power of living in the moment. Neither are easy to put into practise. But practising them often makes it easier. And practicing means accepting you won’t always get it right and acceptance of how things are is another core part of mindfulness.

tThe bottom line is this breath and this moment are all you have. Make the most of it. Be in it. Accept it as it is good bad or indifferent. Because the next moment may be different…maybe better maybe the same maybe worse…but again its only one moment and one breath.