Shibashi vs 6 step

I know, teach and use 2 different qigong sets. The shibashi (18 moves, plus the standing zen at the end ) and the 6 step (5 moves plus the standing zen) . What is the difference apart from the number of moves? Well the shibashi set is designed to give an energy ‘work out’ (as well as gentle physical workout) The 6 step is designed more as a detox….to cleanse the energy. But both start the same way. With some moments of preparation getting into good posture, tuning into to your breath, grounding yourself, and the simple arm raising move the is called ‘opening the gates’ or ‘raising the water’ . Both end with the standing zen. (standing in good posture, hands crossed in front of your lower abdomen ) In between well thats very different. But there is one other thing that is the same for both sets you get out of them what you put in. You can stand and wave your arms around ….and my teacher says that is still beneficial. Or you can focus on getting the best possible posture, really focus on your breath and feeling the energy flow, and make it a really mindful experience.

Thee is one potential difference I haven’t mentioned…the time it takes. Superficially the 6 step looks as if it will always be completed in a shorter time than the shibashi. But a lot depends on how you do the set. Done at a minimum level (6 repetitions of each move) the 6 step will of course be completed in a shorter time than the shibashi. Including the time for preparation… about 42 breaths for the 6 step versus about 120 breathes for the shibashi. But if you do the number of repetitions your body and energy tell you is needed that can take you up to 12 or more repletions of each step. suddenly 42 breaths becomes 96 or even more. for the 6 step.

Like i` said…you get out it what you are prepared to put in…