Mindfulness of ordinary tasks

In many ways it is such a pity that the word meditation is so often put after the word mindfulness because it makes mindfulness seem difficult, time consuming, and something that only those who practice it regular can ‘do’ well. In fact you don’t ‘do’ mindfulness …the aim is to ‘be’ . mindful and to practice the attitudes of mindfulness on a daily basis. And doing ordinary tasks is in many way an ideal practice time and place.

This morning I listened to a podcast called Meditative stories…..I do recommend you listen to it for yourself. The story I listened to this morning was very interesting and thought provoking and gave me in different perspective on my regular mindful task….doing the washing up. (Not quite as exciting as the podcast where he was riding a motorbike through the USA) I found myself thinking what I would say if my activity was being turned into a meditative story. And I noticed things I had never seen before….like the fact that my crockery has no indication of the country of origin on it…just the information that it is microwave and dishwasher safe. I became aware I became aware of an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all that I have in life. as well as an acceptance of those things that I could do without…like my arthritis. But my mindfulness extended to what I could see (the front garden in the dawn light) What I could hear (cats) what I could smell ( coffee) memories evoked by how I acquired some of the things I was washing up. Pride in what I had used some of the things I was washing up to do ( The latest batch of yoghurt was very thick and creamy)

Evene ordinary tasks can become a source of wonder if you look at them in the right away.

Do please find the Meditative Story podcast…its worth a listen.