Standing qigong

Hang on….most qigong is done standing isn’t it? Well yes. But it is possible to do ‘qigong’ (energy work) when standing still. Not just ANY old position of course….but in a good bear stance…..or if you are more advanced dragon stance I suppose. But by standing in bear stance you are opening up the channels for the flow of qi, you are actively connecting to both yin (from the earth) and yang (from the sun) sources of energy by having the relevant acupressure points correctly aligned. And of course you are moving….because you are breathing. The terms ‘energy’ and ‘breath’ are closely linked in Ta chi. My mantra for my classes at the Cerebral Palsy centre is ‘If you can breath you can do it’ Breathing is about the one thing they can all do. Also in my sessions I often suggest that you imagine breathing energy along your arm, or out through your hand.. Your breath can direct the flow of energy. So breathing is an integral part of qigong.

Standing, and breathing without arm motions is the in many ways the core of qigong.

I felt drawn to standing qigong a few days ago…not something I normally do. And when I mentioned this to my mentor she said that standing qigong can be useful in winter…when we all feel like hibernating.. Energetically it felt the right thing to do. And a few days later I found myself naturally flowing into the 6 step routine…which felt good.

Up till now I haven’t focussed much on my posture or my breath. Or take this as a signal that I need to work on both.