So why do I practice qigong ?

As I did my practice today this was the thought that kept going through my mind. In part this was triggered by what I learned at a training class I attended with my trainer,. She emphasised something I already knew on one level but needed to be reminded of.  Our daily practice will change. Somedays its all about relaxation. Other days its about responding to what your body needs. And what your body needs will vary.

Based on my own practice I know some days I am stiff and need the qigong movements to loosen me up. Somedays my movements are naturally loose wide and flowing...others my joints feel in need of wd40 and ned coaxing to move at all.

I also know somedays its very easy fro me to get into and maintain a really good stance....while others I just need to wave my arms about as I breathe and nurse my body into doing anything

And some days its a case of body be hanged.....I just need to relax and chill.

I practice qigong because I know the more I practice the better I will get it .

I practice qigong because the gentle movements keep my joins from stiffening up

I practice qigong because its the best form of mindfulness for me on days when sitting or lying feels wrong so my mind wants to go off on wild journeys

I practice qigong becasue it gets me into the habit of listening to and responding to my body's needs

I practice qigong because I enjoy it and I know that by practising it every day I keep myself healthy on many levels. And I know it can improve me health on many levels

I also know by keeping my energy in as good a state as possible, I am doing what I can to keep the energy in my tiny part of the world balanced. And that can only be a good thing