What I learn from my pupils

At the beginning of each class we bow in. We are honouring the energy, and everyone else in the class. They honour me as their teacher....ad I honour them for what they teach me.. And I learn a lot from my pupils.

Today was a good example. a question about one of the moves led to a discussion about how being mindful could help them do what felt right for THEM. Because I wanted to focus on them being mindful of their body, I lead a very physical set with little talking so they could be mindful. That gave ME a chance to be mindful...and I maintained better stance than normal....and boy did I get hot!!

By teaching, I learn and understand more about qigong....and my general practice improves. By teaching I learn more about how to teach.

Maybe its true that those who can do, those who can't teach.....but teaching has always been important to me...and I feel privileged to have some amazing and stimulating people attedning my classes.