Going with the flow

One of my husbands favourite sayings when we have no definite plans made is to suggest we just 'go with the flow and see how the cookie crumbles' its a great way to spend a day believe me. No expectations....just doing what attracts our attention. No expectations of what we SHOULD be doing..., no pressure to do what others might think we should be doing...just being us.

Qigong is all about going with flow...and I have had an interesting experience recently. One of the shibashi set is called 'the rotating flywheel' The arms and hands draw circles in the air in front of the body in each direction. My normal practice was to draw the circles to the right (anticlockwise to my viewpoint) first. However building on what I learned in the last training weekend I realised it felt more natural to draw the circle clockwise first....ie going to the left first. Curious I asked my teacher if there was any difference...and she said the correct way is the way I naturally flow ie to the LEFT first. (But to encourage a class to go the correct way I need to do it in reverse)

To say I was intrigued and pleased is putting it mildly. . I do not naturally 'feel' the flow of energy..but clearly I am sensing something. One thing I have learned in my journey with holistic therapies and psychic development is that I can trust it when I 'get'  something that I don't quite understand. I have learned to just go with it.

Going with the flow is also at the heart of mindfulness. Just accepting what is, not expecting any specific outcome. Just going with what comes our way. Importantly not judging any thoughts as 'good' or 'bad' ...just accepting them as thoughts that are here one minutes...then gone the next.

I have a lot to thank my husband for....and his little mantra is one of them because it has helped me in life generally, and in my qigong /mindfulness practice.