Qigong is for life not just the class!

Both qigong and mindfulness are wonderful things to do in a weekly class. But the real benefit comes from putting what you learn into practice in daily life. And that doesn't just mean setting aside some time every day to practice them. I have known and understood this for ages. But this morning I did something that really emphasised that.

I got up to a sink full of dirty crocks. I had 4 choices. Load it into the dishwasher which would make the kitchen tidier....but would use electricity. And in any case I didn't have a load big enough to put the dishwasher on . Ignore it for a bit.but that really wasn't an option. Its not in my nature to do that. Do it protestingly....focussing on I wish I didn't have to do this....or do it and find some enjoyment in it.....

You what??? Have you gone mad? No thats exactly what I did. I spent a pleasant few minutes enjoying the feel of water and bubbles on my hands. I was mindful of the variations in textures and temperatures I could feel. I felt pleasure in the cleanness of each item....and satisfying squeak of my fingers on the clean surface.. I knew that this was also gentle exercise for my wrists which are a little stiff at the moment. And as I was standing I was able to send a little time standing in god bear stance ...with pelvic tilt of course. 

I was really sorry when it was over!

Now you might read that and think...well OK theres a bit of qigong in there but thats mainly mindfulness....with a dash of NLP thrown in. And you would be right BUT Qigong is all about working with your energy and keeping it balanced and healthy. Your thoughts play a huge role in how healthy your energy is. 

Your energy and your health generally are massively affected by the things you do every day. How much you sleep, how much you exercise, what you eat and drink, and what you  think...All the good you do in one class can be wiped out by a stressful situation, a row with the boss, a bad commute to work, ....................................(fill in the blank with own ideas.)

If you choose to set some time aside each day to practice qigong and mindfulness that great. But if the attitudes that underpin them are habitual then you won't allow the boss, or the commute, or the kids, or all of the stresses modern life can throw at us, to unbalance your thoughts. 

Qigong is all about balance. Physical and energetic balance are what most people can easily understand.  But mental/spiritual balance is just as important.