A new phase of the journey

Qigong can be done on so many levels. Over the weekend I did some training to take my qigong to the next level.  But it will take a lot of practice.  Persist and practice to progress. I have said something  similar before.

This new phase goes deeper both energetically and physically. I learned more about breath and body, balancing yin/yang energy ,the position of the hands, how to stand rooted and grounded...

The classes I run, and what I do in my personal practice, are mainly focussed on the mindful relaxation aspects of qigong. What I have learned over the weekend is more about the physical aspects ....which are still be mindful and relaxing.

My first step is to practice this deeper type of qigong and improve my personal practice. Then I will have the knowledge  and  confidence to try to take some of students on that road too.

I am not a tai chi master, far from it. I am just a little further along the road than the people who come to my classes.  I am hoping as I travel further I can encourage and lead some of my students to follow