Qigong and mindfulness in daily life.

I have been doing  qigong regularly but not really experienced anything that made me feel 'I must blog about that' These posts need to have a focus to be interesting after all. But that does not mean I have not been experiencing things, or having some insights both with th qigong and with meditations.

However I now have a new motivation for what I do. My blood pressure is very high and I am going to have 24 monitoring. Of course qigong and mindfulness as part of stress management should help keep my BP down....so this was an unpleasant but probably much needed wakeup call. 

If I can avoid it I do NOT want to go on medication. So effectively I had a week (now half gone) to do what I can in terms  of my diet, exercise, and cognitive approaches (stress is not caused by what happens round us but by how we think about what goes on round us!) to bring my BP down. But the reason they now do 24 hour monitoring is that a one shot measurement does not accurately reflect what goes on over the course of a day. My success or otherwise could be down to how well I put into practice the the techniques I know can help.

This is a reminder that qigong and mindfulness are not exercises to be done once a week, but tools to be used in daily life any time stress becomes an issue. And hopefully with habitual use, stress will never have a negative impact. (Worth mentioning that of course not all stress is bad...) 

It will be fascinating to see what effect qigong and meditation DO have on my BP......and I will report back next week on what happened and how I intend to use both qigong and mindfulness going forward.....even if medication is needed.