Schumann resonance

I have started studying crystal reiki. This is use of crystals as part of reiki therapy to modify the energy . Part of me is sceptical about this....but then with my  mantra 'its all about the energy' I  can see crystals as solidified energy..  So I can't just ignore this aspect. The course is also CPD for my reiki. PLus I love what's not to love about a chance to learn about them...even if my sceptical hackles may be raised by the some of the things in the course.

In the very first module the course mentions Schumann resonances and suggested listening to one of the many tracks out there while meditating or self healing with reiki. I tried meditating with them and got a bizarre tingling in my hands.

I am sure no-one reading this will be surprised that I decided to listen to them while doing qigong....and I was aware of the same tingling...but much less intense.  However todays set was not the most intense I have ever done. I was 'doing' the moves not being the moves. I am wondering if I would feel  more from the resonances if I was being more mindful, really focussing on posture,  and breath, It may also need me to find the right track to listen to.

Watch this space. This could be an interesting part of my journey