Listening to your mind and body

This morning has been good. I managed a lie in. I did a guided meditation that I think has laid the foundation for helping me solve a problem. I had great ideas about going outside to do a standing shibashi set. I quickly decided outside wasn't a good I decided to do a ritual smudging with incense to bring the right atmosphere into the living room and the whole downstairs. I do this  for my 'dojo in my living room' times. I quickly realised that the small amount of standing and walking that entailed meant standing to do ym qigong was out of the question. So I sat.....but I did the full shibashi set. At the end as part of the final zen step I recited the reiki principles and used the reiki symbols. I then did a short reiki self healing. 

I listened to my body, slept in  and didn't stand for the qigong. I listened to my mind .....and taking messages from elsewhere I think I know how to discover a solution to the problem. But also  listening to my mind I know I need to invoke some help . The healer or mentor who thinks they don't sometimes need that sort of help themselves is not going to be very effective.. 

Qigong and mindfulness are all about harnessing your resources in the best most effective way to do what needs to be done with the minimum of effort. Qigong is also about connecting.....becasue all energy is connected to all other energy and affects all other energy. That is why self care is never selfish.