Qigong in a busy life

There is a well known quote from the Dalai Lama to the effect that we should all meditate 15 minutes each day except when we are busy. Then we need to meditate for 30 minutes. This is counterintuitive of course. But maybe it needs to be.

This morning it was too cold to go outside and I thought as I would be warm INSIDE I had no excuse to  avoid the full shibashi set. The cats and my husband conspired to interrupt me so it was not the flowing 'dance' I normally do. And I realised that is a metaphor for life. It gets in the way. The important thing is not that I flowed through gracefully...but that I got back to it after dealing with a dead mouse  and making a cup of tea . (Normally the tea would have waited but since the dead mouse forced an interruption I thought I might as well do the tea as well)

As I got back to my practice after this happily short interruption I realised I was putting into practice what I need to do every day. Coming back to being calm and focussed when life gets in the way.

The Dalai Lama's advice on meditation can be understood in the same way. the 15 minutes a day when life is calm means that when you NEED the 30 minutes a day to help you focus on your priorities you are well practiced you and confident in your ability and can really benefit from it.

Daily qigong practice is the same. And I now understand why my teacher said we should do shibashi set daily....and that the 6 step was a kind of detox. Daily practice of the shibashi set means that when life gets hectic, I can get maximum benefit from taking a break with the 6 step. however many times I need to do that in busy day..