It was a cold and frosty morning

I woke up to find a heavy frost but brilliant sunshine today. So I went outdoors to do some qigong. Because it was so frosty I thought the ground might be firm enough to go on the lawn and I was right. So for the first time in months I was able to stand facing the rising sun (releasing my inner pagan!)  and go through a qigong set. And so many thoughts and ideas came to me.

With the sun (which is the ultimate  source of all energy on the planet) shining down I felt good, uplifted, and very aware. I was also aware of birdsong, traffic noise, and my cats....and I felt very connected. 

A fascinating insight came from the fact that the lawn is uneven.  Posture is important in qigong. And the best posture comes when you are on a flat floor. But as I found out yesterday when I tripped over a loose floor tile in a local shop,. you cannot guarantee you will always have a good flat floor to stand on. And I realised it isn't about being on a flat flor so you can have good posture. It's about developing good posture so when the floor is uneven you still stay upright.

During the standing zen I literally stood there with eyes closed and breathed.....just letting  myself be aware of any sensations that came to me. And I felt a huge sense of joy at the fact that I was able to stand in my garden in the sunshine and just breath. It was a pure mindful moment.

Qigong helps develop  good posture so you can stay upright when the floor is not so smooth.

Mindfulness helps you develop resilience so you can cope when life is not so smooth.

And that's why I practice both techniques