Going with the flow

This morning I did shibashi outside in the rain....so I was wearing a jacket to stay dry. And I was very aware of the sleeves riding up and down as I moved through the forms. However this was not a distraction or irritating. It focussed my mind on the idea of ebb and flow. In a way those sleeves were imitating what the qi should be doing as I breath and move.

The moves should be facilitating qi flowing in its natural rhythm. Although you can actively send qi to a particular area (as martial artists do when they break bricks with their hands ) if you do that too much it has a detrimental effect. 

Letting qi do what is needed and not asking too much of it is a good way to good health. And that can mean going with the flow when life is causing problems. Doing what you MUST and not worrying about things that are less vital. In life going with the flow can be rocky.....but not fighting means your arrive in calmer waters  with the energy to take things forward. Namaste