Being non judgemental

This morning I did a most wonderful shibashi set. I was able to use my body better, was very mindful of shoulders in particular which i realised were slightly tight and protesting at what I was doing.  I was able to flow from one form to the next. I eve felt 9but looked to check) when my feet slipped out of alignment.

Then I used a 10 minute guided mindfulness meditation. done by Mark Williams (I recommend his  meditations if you can find his CD)  This went OK too. My mind did wander a little but not seriously and not for long.

But the one part of the meditation that sounded like a bell in my bell was when in the meditation he said 'don't be critical or judgemental if your mind wanders because that is what minds do.

Today I did everything as well as I possibly could. Tomorrow it may not be so good....who knows. But the important think is that I don't criticise or judge myself on the days when all I am doing is waving my arms in funny patterns.. just as it is impossible to keep your mind clear empty and no one can be 100% percent with qigong every time. . To judge or criticize myself for not achieving an impossible target is stupid.. Somedays all you can do is pat yourself on the back for trying.

Being non judgemental iis a key life skill.....and is a vital part of mindful awareness