In search of perfection?

Qigong and mindfulness are both disciplines that require practice , For both there is a perfect way to do them....the gold standard if you like. Some days my practice leaves me feeling 'wow' Other days it's much more like going through the motions. Perfect qigong means not only perfect posture but every move driven the breath and body, aware of how your energy is with the transition from one for to the next signalled by how your energy. Perfect mindfulness would be no distracting thoughts for the 3 to 40 minutes of the session. 

But I am not in such of perfection. I am in search of improvement. To get the days that make e go 'wow' I need the days that are kind of 'meh'...becasue those are the days that teach me most if I reflect on them properly.

No-one does everything perfectly all the time. If like me you are enjoying the Winter Olympics you will have seen how even a world class favourite doesn't get it quite right on the day and misses out on the gold medal they are good enough to get, So if you are joining me on this journey     (check out the videos on our FB page on the link below) don't give up because you feel you are not doing things right. Its not about perfection....its about what works for you. Namaste