Shibashi in the sunshine

For the first time since I came down with the flu I have done the full shibashi set just for me (as opposed to leading in a class)  and as an added bonus I did it in the garden in wonderful sunshine. It was however very cold.

I focused mainly on what my body was doing (as opposed to my arms) I was actively trying to keep my core abdominal muscles engaged so the movement of my arms was driven BY my body movements. Of course focussing on my body is a mindful focus is on how my body feels and what it is happy to do.

My asthma is playing up at the moment so my breathing is not as good as I would like, so I was very conscious that I wasn't moving as far as I normally would....but as I always tell people in my's not abut doing the moves perfectly..... it's ablut doing them perfectly for YOU.