Feeling the energy

Qigong is all about energy. And even if I don't feel energy flowing as I do the moves, I am aware of energy round me as I do the moves. I suppose it's because I am a reiki healer I am very aware of energy in and around my hands.  I also sense it round my head. 

The energy is different when I am teaching because there are other people in the room. And sometimes it can get very warm...especially if there is another reiki attuned person doing qigong.

While most people are happy with the concept of energy , the idea of energy flow  and in particular actively trying to direct it is oen some people have a problem with. This is especially so when they can't feel it. But even the most sceptical of people know that they can get hot and thirsty during a class. They may not associate that with energy flow...but they do feel the heat.

Whether people feel the energy or not, it does have an effect. But the beauty of Qigong is it works for those who don't understand the concept of feeling energy......and for those who can follow the flow through their bodies.

Some of the most potent energy I feel comes from my class of cerebral palsy students some of whom cannot move at all. They move the energy with their imagination...even if they don;t understand why I suggest  the images they use during the moves. 

Whether they can feel the energy or not - they feel the effect and that is all that matters