Qigong and the physical body

I had an enlightening moment watching TV a few days ago. I was watching people in knife wielding contest. Their success (or lack) depends on the strength and sharpness of the blade, and how effectively they USE that blade. I was watching one competitor who had what the experts said was a great blade….but I realised she was making the best use of her blade. She was using her arms and shoulders…but not the power of her whole body. It was obvious from the way she was standing and moving.

And suddenly I really ‘knew’ the importance of the posture and the core abdominal muscles. When you stand correctly, with the core abdominal muscles engaged, you are able to tap into the maximum amount of power both physically and energetically.

Wielding a knife with jour your shoulders and arms, exercises (and puts strain on?) the shoulders and arms . When you get your whole body involved you have so much more power…..and less strain on the joints. Effectively you channel the power of your abdominal muscles into your arms. Ditto your legs to keep you standing securely (or kicking if you are into kick boxing !)

So the time spent getting into good posture and engaging your core muscles at the start of the qigong set is in many ways the most important part. Becasue qigong for all it looks as if your war just waving your arms around is so much more than that. I have always known that on one level. The enlightening moment meant that I ‘knew’ it on a deeper level with much greater understanding.

It also menat I suddenly understood how qigong can be just as good as zumba for your health!!!

That understanding is something I will bring into my personal practice and my classes in 2019.

Happy New Year!