Seated qigong

I have a broken toe. This means driving walking and standing are all limited. So I have had to do qigong seated . Tis has been a difficult experience. Somehow it doesn’t feel as if it benefits me as much. I feel I ‘should’ be standing and getting a good upper body posture feels much harder when I am seated. But as I was doing it just now one word came into my head…’trust’

When I first started reiki self healing it didn’t feel as if it was doing me much good. And when I started giving reiki I often had to trust that I was doing anything at all because I couldn’t feel the energy flowing. However experience with reiki taught me to trust that whatever I was doing, it was doing good..

I realise I have to do the same with qigong…..especially seated. And this has emphasised to me how much further I need to go in my understanding of qigong. Greater understanding of reiki gave me the confidence to use it better, and I started to become more aware of the energy I was channelling. So greater experience with seated qigong, and greater study of qigong will no doubt lead to something similar.

At the moment I am not at my best, taking medication (with reluctance) to help with the pain while not taking so much I get careless about what I am doing. I am of necessity staying still. And it occurred to me that this stillness is 'ALSO part of the healing. Helping my direct my energy where it is needed. Stillness is integral to qigong.

Also the stillness is stopping me doing so I am just being. Lao Tzu ‘wu wei’….doing by not doing. And opportunities have come my way for 2019 already.

Maybe I need to do MORE seated qigong if it helps me ‘be’ rather than ‘do’